This is a new place for me to show my work and my words. If you love words, and writing, I hope you find things here you will enjoy reading!

Writing is a joy for me, and finding other people who like writing too is even more joyful. There are writing prompts here, there is news about my books here, and there will be notifications of writing opportunities too.

Carolyn Cordon – give me a topic, I can talk about it!

I am a writer. I write, because that’s what writers do, playing with words in interesting ways. But there are many ways to write, many things to write about, many ways and forms to get your words out in. I write books, poetry, blog posts on my various blogs. I read my written work in public, both poetry and prose.

Yes, I am a writer and  poet, but I am a wordsmith, all words are wonderful to me, and talking in public, a thing many others are afraid of doing, is a thing I love to do! I write down the words then tell them to an audience, in an interesting way! I can talk about just about anything! Pets, Nature, Illness, Community, Politics, Sport, Gardening, Nutrition and many, many more things.

If you are involved in a service group, writing group, book group, library, and are looking for an interesting speaker, please think of me – I may be the interesting and amusing guest speaker you’ve been looking for! I live in the Adelaide Plains region and am prepared to travel for the right gig. Words are my tools, and my friends, and I’d love everyone to feel the same about them.

My favoured genre to write in is poetry, but more and more, I’m getting into writing non-fiction prose. I am also the editor of a monthly newsletter for my local community, the community is Mallala and the newsletter is the Mallala Crossroad Chronicle. I love the opportunities this gives me, for writing a variety of different things, from humorous snippets about life, all the way to full articles on important issues.

I am also the President of a writing group, Adelaide Plains Poets, and am proud of the way this small group has taken on some big things, connecting writing and community in mid-northern South Australia and beyond, in ways that have been healing, interesting and even exciting!

My different blogs indicate some of my interests in life, and are obviously things I would welcome more opportunites to speak further. From poetry to child abuse, with thoughts on disability (in particular Multiple Sclerosis), and my favourite – dogs in gardens. I know things about them all, garnered from lived experience, and can speak in an entertaining way on them all. I have a strong interest in life, positive thinking and well, everything, really!

I am also available for workshops, particularly but not only, poetry focussed, any age, from junior Primary School students, to Retirement Villages, and all ages in between. We are all capable of creating interesting and worthwhile creative writing, and all of us have stories to tell to a world that is waiting to read and/or hear!

Contact details – 0418806490 kittycordo@gmail.com 1594 Germantown Road, Redbanks South Australia

Grab yourself a cuppa, look around, take up your pen or pencil and have some writing fun!