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My Connected Writing Life

Thanks for joining me! This is my newest blog, and I hope it will be my most successful blog. Blogs are places to download ideas and send them out to the world. Or they can be simply places to write anything at all, and perhaps connect with people who are interested in the same things as you. These are both fine things.

Or blogs can be a showcase of a person’s work, showing what they have done in the past, and what they are doing now, and/or what they have planned for the future. This is the kind of blog I want this one to be, a blog showcasing my writing from the past (books written), looking at what I’m working on at the moment, and then looking at things I have planned for the future (possible books, events, etc).

I am involved in a few different writing-related groups, and was recently re-elected as President of one of these groups, the one I helped set up quite a time ago. Adelaide Plains Poets (APP) is the name of the group, and I consider it to be a fine group indeed. I am proud of our work, and am grateful for the executive committee who work together well. I love working with the rest of the group members too, of course , as we all work together on our own writing.

They say a good leader is more about ‘we’ than ‘I’. That is certainly the way I lead APP, leading the group by showing ways for the group to do things together, and to succeed. The President is only as good as the group – if the President can shape the group, guide the group and inspire the group, what a wonderful time group members will have! That’s how I want it to be, inspiring others, spreading the love of the written and spoken word, sharing, teaching and learning too.

I hope you find this blog to be inspiring, and perhaps teaches you new writing related things. I have other blogs, and will have links to those blogs, as appropriate, but this will be my most important blog for now, and into the future … Teaching and inspiring other people is one of my greatest joys, I hope you find inspiration here!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. β€” Izaak Walton

New Ideas

Visiting the Printer

I’ll be going to the printer whose services I’ve used in the past, for my self-published books, and if I get the chance to, I’ll talk to him about my current writing project. I’m very aware the visit is not for me, it’s for my friend Pam, with her brand new, first ever book. A very exciting time for her, and for me too, because using this printer was at my suggestion.

I love it when I give people and they take the advice, and good things happen! I expect her book to be beautiful, and I’m very much looking forward to actually seeing it, and reading the words. New books for new writers, that’s always an exciting thing!

So, as I said, if I get the chance to, I’ll talk to this printer, and if I don’t get the chance (I won’t hijack the conversation for my own book!), then I can make an appointment, to talk about the book I’m working on, at a later stage. It isn’t ready to go to the printer yet, I haven’t reached the closing date I put on receiving submissions by.

Books are great, aren’t they? New books and new writers, lovely!


Adelaide Plains Poets role

I have always been the President of the Adelaide Plains Poets group, ever since we started back in 2004/05. And my other role in the group has always been than of Competition Secretary. I’ve always loved having the opportunity to read all of the entries that come in for the competition, for free, Woohee!

I’m even gladder that it isn’t my role to pick the winners, because, we certainly get some excellent entries, and it would be so hard to choose between them. Certainly, perhaps because I know who the entrants are, and it’s difficult to get that out of the head, if you know it.

This is why have the judges not knowing who each entrant is, or where they come from, is such a good idea. There is not bias based on familiarity, and each poem is judged on its own merits.

So this years competition is over, all that is left is to hand over the entries to the two judges, and for them to make their decision on first, second and third, plus Highly commended and Commended awards, as and if they see fit to award them. I haven’t thought, this year about which poem I like the best, so I can’t be disappointed on behalf of an unlucky poet!

The judges we’ve had have never picked a bad choice though, and I know them and have the utmost faith in their ability to choose the best poem, in their own point of view. That’s what their role is, and that’s what they do!

It is hoped the winners can be announced at the Gawler and Adelaide Plains Festival of Words, at the end of July, but things have been a bit strange so who knows …

covid 19

My Writer Life

At the moment, in my lock down Covid-19 life, I’m performing a variety of roles, mostly from the comfort of my sofa, with laptop on my lap, or at the computer.

I am the Editor of the Mallala Crossroad Chronicle monthly newsletter, I’m the competition secretary for Adelaide Plains Poets national poetry competition (entries closed last Friday, I have to write up the most recent poems that have come in, and take photocopies of the entries accepted via email, because of possible postal delays. And I’m also collecting submissions for an anthology about this Covid-19, which is making life difficult for so many of us.

But today, I was able to send some of my books to a purchaser, who will pay for them, as soon as she can, and this woman is expecting to enjoy reading my words, once the books arrive, as I have enjoyed reading the words she has written in her entries to that poetry competition I’m organising. Making connections, whether in real life or online, the honesty is beautiful, and words will further connect us, for who knows how long.

Friendships maintained can keep us safe, from many things in life, let’s hope this friendship will keep going, and who knows when I finally get my passport organised, and travel to New Zealand, we are sure to meet up. She lives just up the street (30-40km?) from my brother, who I will be staying with if or when I get to NZ.

Life hey? I love the way connections like this happen. And one of the poems this person entered in the competition, refers to Covid-19, and I will be glad to have it in the anthology I’m working on. Swings and roundabouts, it’s awesome. Did anyone mention toilet paper? Oh yes, plenty of people did … I’m so looking forward to having this anthology finished and launched, so I can meet more of these wonderful writers who have shared their word with me.

And before that, we will be announcing the winners of the Poetry Competition, and I don’t know yet, if that can happen in real life, or if it will have to be an online thing. This is in a month’s time from now, or a bit earlier actually, and things are still a bit up in the air, on the question of what is safe … But at least I have enough toilet paper, for now, anyway.

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Thoughts? Or Writing Ideas?

Promises are dreams whose time is yet to arrive.

If it is said, that doesn’t mean it can be done. Or does it?

Celebrations – a person is born, another person dies.

Cloudy skies may bring rain, rain brings life to plants, and death too, to some.

If all dreams came true, that would create a crazy mixed up life wound up with paradoxes.

One hair. It can mean and do so many things. How many can you think of?

Flowers, beautiful, yes? But in picking them, we hasten their death.

A hound running free is a beautiful sight. Unless it’s your dog, and it’s supposed to be inside.

So many great inventions can lead to death of the user. Why don’t we ban inventions?

Should dumb people be required to be treated with extra kindness, or laughed at?

If you found that previous one offensive, write about the reason/s why.

How many items in the image can you name?

If you can name them, what would you do with them, in a piece of writing?


I came up with this semi-random set of writing prompts today, and if I ever run out of things to write about, I know I can look at this list, and there will be something to write about. Surely if I can do this in about half an hour, which includes the time it took to prepare my lunch of bits and pieces that are in that bowl, then I can always finbd things to write about.

If I can do this, can you do it too? How do you find things to write about? Do you struggle with that idea, or is it easy? I’d love to know your answer to the question, please leave your answer in the comments!

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Things A Writer May Need

A Writer needs many things, many of them things everyone needs, food, shelter. income, ability to communicate. But a writer also needs a particular ability to write, and also ideas to write about. They need a curiosity about things too, if they are going to remain committed to their life as a writer.

Writing can be a lonesome business, just you and the black page/screen. And a need to fill them with words. If you don’t actually write, can you call yourself a writer? Or are you a ‘gunna’ because one day, you’re gunna write this, or that, but not yet, because this and that reasons.

Once a previous gunna actually begins getting their words written, they often realise the beauty of actually writing, and they’ll wonder why it took them so long to start. But one of the reasons some of them quit is because they never feel the thrill of getting the best words written in the best possible way, and they feel like failures, and go somewhere else for their interests in life.

But if writing is the thing that wakes up your creativity and joy in life, go for it, be creative, explore what you like to write, and what you feel you’re best at writing. Put your thoughts to the test, and share your words with others to see if others agree.

Look for inspiration everywhere you go, take not of any interesting things you see, or hear, or learn, and think about how you could use those ‘found’ interesting things, to add even more interest to your writing. If other people are interested too, cherish those people, they are your potential readers of your words, buyers of your books, listeners to your talks, and followers of your blog!

But not everyone will like what you write, so as a writer, you need a thick skin, and the ability to step away from any hurt caused by negative words and responses to what you do with words. Not every book will be loved by every person, and that doesn’t matter. We are all different, in what we like, and do. That means there’s less of a crowd, which makes it easier for you to step up and shine!

So share your words, grow a hide, be curious, get on with living your life, and write your words!