There Are Many Different Kinds Of Writing …

Some of them I’ve had a go at, others don’t interest me, or not at the moment anyway, and others, well there are definitely others I’d love to try, sometime …

I’m nothing special to look at, but my head has many things happening inside of it, interesting things! (writer’s photo)

I wrote a bit about this issue recently, this is the link to it, on Medium.com. I’ve been writing on that online platform since April this year, and while I quite enjoy putting my word out there, at this new (to me) writing place, it isn’t up close and personal presenting my words to a keen audience.

And that idea, of doing ‘a show’ where people are interested enough to buy a ticket, just to see me do something interesting, amusing, exciting, or inspiring, well that idea really appeals to me …

My involvement with using my writing as a connection to others, and expressing myself to them through my writing, as so far been limited to Poetry Readings, and talking to groups about my books, or my life as shown in my books, two in particular. I certainly enjoy doing that, and would enjoy doing a lot more if it, if only I could get my head around the hows of getting such gigs.

But as I haven’t actually done all that much about promoting myself as a writer, that isn’t particularly surprising, is it? If only I had an agent to do the work of spreading my name as a good one to have for an event! It’s a bit of a catch 22 – to get an agent, I’d need to be better known, but if I was better known, I’d have people calling me, to do a show with them!

Anyway, as I set out in the article on Medium.com, I’ve been thinking about the idea of going up on the stage, but realised I probably have enough going on, writing wise at the moment, and there are other possible reasons why living my life as it is now, is probably more than enough.

I have a poetry collection coming out early 2020 “Leonard Cohen Is Dead” to be published by Ginninderra Press. Having been had my poetry published by Ginninderra previously, I am very much looking forward to being able to have this new book launched, and showing the world how my poetic abilities have been getting better and better. I definitely this is my very best poetry collection so far!

So yes, Poetry is my best and most favoured style of writing, but who knows what I may end up doing. There’s still the novel I’m writing, and the idea of being a stand up comic is still hovering around in my head! A sit down/stand up comedian with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), how funny, right?! But that spot was stolen for me by Tim Ferguson, who is much practiced at the comedian thing, having worked with the Doug Anthony All Stars and done great work, and then telling the world about his diagnosis with MS.

And Tim Ferguson has MS much worse than I do, so he gets the sympathy card as well, whereas my MS is cruising along well, and I don’t even look like I’m sick at all, unless you see me at my worst, which hasn’t actually happened for ages. Damn my medication! Haha, just joking. I’m thrilled to have an effective medication, that allows me to live a near ‘normal’ life …

Now, where was I? Um I forget … I think I’ve said enough, and if I remember, I may do an update. The main point is that I’m still doing writing stuff, and enjoying it. And I just remembered what was maybe going to me next, but that will need to be a post on its own, I think, so you’ll have to wait.

Don’t complain, waiting is good for you, and it’s better if you have to wait for it! Or is that your dinner? Something like that. Cheers friends, thank you for reading!

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