A Poetic Response

When I see something I read as a challenge, especially if the subject matter, and form are things that I am particularly interested in, I find it hard to step away and just leave it. So when I saw on this website https://bartbarkerpoet.com/2021/04/02/my-apology/
a lovely poem, I left a comment, and indicated I’d write my own poem in a response to the same prompt.

I love writing new poems, and I care about our world, and fear for our future, with climate change bearing down upon us all, because in part of the bad behaviour of mankind. Our species may not survive, but I believe the planet Earth, with a multitude of creatures, with continue on for a great many centuries from now …

So having said that this morning, I’ve done what I said I would, and here is my own poem.

Nature Will Win, Eventually

Not our fault, some proclaim
Always hiding from any blame
To be honest, most are though …
Understand truth of wisdom’s flow
Realise life is a many faceted thing –
Evolution a tool, Nature’s ultimate sting!

An Acrostic poem, a hope for the future for our planet at least if not our species … We don’t deserve what Nature offers to us, the way we degrade so much of what we have had, and continue to keep on doing it. Will we ever learn the error of our destructive ways?

2 thoughts on “A Poetic Response”

  1. Thanks for responding to my poem. I agree, of course, that life on Earth will continue long after our species is extinct. It’s the sun that’ll write the final chapter for our planet when it goes nova.


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