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I have a few different blogs. I am interested in a few different things. When I began blogging, I loved it so much, I went a little crazy, beginning different blogs on different subjects … That was on a different blogging platform, Blogspot. Then I decided to going WordPress a try, and even though it seemed much more difficult to use that Blogspot, I kept at it, and now I actually prefer WordPress over Blogspot.

Then I began a few different WordPress Blogs, and sometimes went months or even longer without any new posts. Then though, I finally began what I know consider my most important blog, this one. I am a writer, a worker with words, and so this writer blog is the one that is true to the most important things I consider myself to be, a writer. Words are my tools, and my product.

Anyway sometimes I actually put relevant poems on one or other of my blogs, and I try to do the thing I’ve always reading I should do, and that is to put links on my blogs, so try to raise my visitor numbers, and the whatever else it does. To be honest, that side of blogging is the least interesting part, even though I certainly like it when I see someone has visited a site and left a comment.

Connecting people is the most important part of blogging for me, I just love people! Anyway, here is a link to my blog about having Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The blog is Mick, Jane and Me, and the post is about answering a challenge to write an ode to a person’s cleaner. I have a cleaner, because of my MS, and writing a poem for that cleaner seemed like a lovely thing to do, for my lovely cleaner!

So I’ve done the correct thing and put in a link, and I’ll put a link to it on my Facebook page, and maybe write a tweet about it, and the link, and so on and so forth. In the olden days before things were ‘online’, I guess we wrote letters about interesting things to people, and newspapers, magazines, journals, and things … And it took ages for the mail to get out, and not just minutes, to pen a tweet and send it on Twitter …

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

But finding good people, and doing what you can for them is still important, and writing a poem for my lovely cleaner feels like an excellent thing to do!

4 thoughts on “Blog Post On Another Of My Blogs”

  1. I enjoyed your poem to your cleaner. We had a lovely cleaner when we lived in Spain and I was working full time. Now I am writing full time the cleaning is left to me…and consequently doesn’t get done very thoroughly!


    1. Because I have a chronic illness, Multiple Sclerosis, I am able to use government funding through a scheme available, and one of the things I’ve been approved to money for is to have a cleaner. I haven’t known this person for very long, but we just clicked, and get on well. So well in fact that next week we’re catching up in the little town she lives in, to have coffee and cakes, and a chat about life. I have great people on my team! And coincidentally, my support worker also lives in the same town as the cleaner, strange, but true!

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