Fab Feb Writing Prompts – Day Twenty-eight

The writing prompt for today is a particular poetic style. Even though I have long been a fan of short, short poetic forms, this is a new one for me, I first heard of it this year, and decided to use it as one of my writing prompts for February.

The prompt is this : The American Sentence
If you go to this site, you can read about it. Paul Szlosek has written about the form, and has lots of examples on his post about it, and some further examples in the comments. It sticks to the seventeen syllable count of the Haiku.

This poetic style is very much in the stripped back, ‘moment’ style of haiku, but is presented as a single sentence in the one line. I enjoy trying to write good haiku (and occasionally get another good one). And I very much enjoyed playing with this new (to me) style of poetry.

There are also words concerning this poetic form here, another American poet’s blog site. And now I’m wondering about the possibility of an Australian Sentence, and what may be the thing that makes it so … Reference to a kangaroo? No, far too kitschy … How about this definition of the Australian Sentence poetry style: “Tight, no bullshit, blunt, not flowery, about truth, seventeen syllables” – does that work?

Aussie enough, I wanted to put a pic of a kangaroo, but didn’t have one handy. This is one of my photos. Usually, the crops would be higher than this at this stage, it’s been a dry time for many.

I don’t know, but I definitely feel this would make for an interesting discussion. If you have any thoughts about it, please leave a comment, and the discussion can continue.

In the meantime, here is my American Sentence that I wrote on Paul Szlosek’s blog :

“Mid morning sunshine, pot plants outside, all wave branches beseechingly …”

What could I write for ‘An Australian Sentence’? I wonder … how about this one:

“Summer, dry again, bloody government thinks it’s not their fault, dumb *#*&^s.”

dry, dry, dry

Well that’s certainly blunt, and truthful, at least as far as I and others see it. But is it poetry? It’s in keeping with the initial definition I gave above, you thoughts about it most welcome.

So I’ll leave it to you, the writing prompt for today is The American Sentence and if you wish to have a go at it, why not An Australian Sentence too!

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