Fab Feb Writing Prompts – Day Twenty-two

Vision – looks can be deceiving! Visions can be true, or not true. What you see isn’t always what you get …

Adelaide Plains Poets runs a national poetry every year, and this year, the theme is the same as this writing prompt – Vision. So if you’re interested in having your poem considered for a national competition, check out these guidelines, and send in your entry, in accordance with the guidelines.


 Entry form and guidelines are available here: http://carolyn-poeticpause.blogspot.com/2020/02/adelaide-plains-poets-competition-2020.html



This writing prompt/competition theme could cover how you see your life going, or it could be about eyes, eyesight, beautiful things, seeing things, dreams. Visions can be imaginary things, or big dreams for great things.

man standing on mountain
Photo by Gurkamal Teja on Pexels.com

I have a vision of this month of writing prompts bringing me many amazing new and wonderful new poems to put in my next poetry collection!

So, seeing, dreaming, imagining, ‘a vision of beauty’, eyesight, perception, view, and so on. A leader with vision, what a fine thing that is, they will look into the future, and work hard to make their vision come into being.

Do you have a vision of some fine thing happening in the future? Is there something you imagine that you’d like to write about, a vision of loveliness – that could be a person, a car, a landscape, or many other things.

lens eye organ iris
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Some people may have visions if they have some kind of mind altering drug … Pink Elephants anyone? Visions might be frightening too, of course, seeing things that aren’t really there … Heat hazes can seem real, visions in the desert …

I hope you will find this writing theme inspires you, and inspired to write interesting things about – ‘VISION‘.

3 thoughts on “Fab Feb Writing Prompts – Day Twenty-two”

  1. I actually saw a UFO once, when I was considerably younger than I am now. I don’t know what it was, obviously, it was unidentified, but who knows, it may have been a vision of an alien aircraft. I can’t ask anyone else about it, because I can’t remember exactly when it happened, except that I was around eleven years old. My older brother was there, and may have had more details about it, but sadly, he has died, and we never really talked about this strange vision.
    A lesson to me, and others, always have important conversations with others when you can, because once they’re gone those chances of meaningful, and interesting/clarifying conversations are gone too …


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