Writer Creates New Word

I am a writer, and that means I am a person who writes. I write blog posts, poetry, articles and books, and of course I write on social media, because, well doesn’t everybody, these days? Yes we do, happily, excessively, dedicatedly, and in many other ways too.


Being a writer who wishes to have their words read, you have to get involved with the wider world, at least sometimes. But many, or at least some writers, can create a brand new word, that ventures out into the world, and becomes ‘just the wanted and needed word’ for particular times, persons or situations. Certainly Shakespeare had great a great aptitude for doing this and a great many common words and phrases are there because of that great wordsmith.

Over the years, I’ve come up with one or two myself, but I never did anything much with them and that have faded away, and now, I can’t even remember what they were … But I’ve come up with a new word today, and I love it so much, I’m going to do all I can to get this word the admiration and use it deserves. It’s a fine word, and is perfect for a particular kind of person. I know a few people like this and I’m sure many, many other people know or know of some of them too!


This new word come to me in response to some thoughts I’ve had about the word ‘philosopher’ and how some people may use that term to describe themselves, because they consider themselves to be deep thinkers, whether or not they’ve had any actual training in the complex subject of philosophy. These people may expound loudly and at length on the subject of themselves, and expect others to be in awe at their wisdom.

But of course philosophy is more than just that. This is a good explanation of what it is, from people who certainly know a lot  about the subject. “… philosophy is an activity people undertake when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, and their relationships to the world and to each other.” This is from this site https://philosophy.fsu.edu/undergraduate-study/why-philosophy/What-is-Philosophy, which can lead you to more on the subject, if you are interested.

My new word though, won’t be in that website, which is a learned one, my word is in fact decidedly not a learned word. It is a word that describes those fake philosophers, the ones who simply talk of themselves, as I wrote earlier, the ones who are full of their own self importance, and I call them not a philosopher, but a “phullofhimselfer”. What do you think of the word? Pretty clever, right? I think it is, but I don’t want to get too full of my own cleverness! Every now and then, I do something smart, but I know it doesn’t always go that way, and I can be a bit slow on the uptake sometimes too!

Anyway, that’s my new word, please feel free to remember where you first saw it, and where it was!

2 thoughts on “Writer Creates New Word”

  1. I love your word ‘phullofhimselfer’. I have written it down and it has got me thinking. I hope it finds its way into common usage. Carolyn, in these times of political correctness I think you need to be prepared for a few people to pounce on the word ‘him’ which is tucked away within this new word. You may be accused of being sexist and someone may feel obliged to point out that females can also be full of their own self importance. If this does become too big a problem perhaps the word could be modified to ‘Phullofthemselfer’. Maybe it won’t be a problem, perhaps I am anticipating a problem which will never arise.


    1. That’s a valid point, Marie, as has been pointed out to me already, regarding women. And thinking of animals, you would go with phullofitselfer. It’s certainly a dual purpose word, and I will welcome seeing it in various guises, of course. Some chattering Willie Wagtails can really seem to be taking on more than they can handle, when they take on Crows! But seeing how the occasional Crow can seem to be quite humble in their response, they may actually up to the task, and we should congratulate them for their courage!

      Thank you for getting involved, Marie!


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