My New Book Being Launched Soon!

I am thrilled to announce my next, and possibly best, poetry collection ‘Leonard Cohen Is Dead’, will be launched on Sunday 29 May 2022.

This is event will be part of the Gawler Poets at the Pub event, which takes place on the final Sunday of every month, at the historic Prince Albert Hotel in Gawler, at 1.30pm. The actual launch will be done by Martin Johnson who is a well known Gawler local, and I’m happy he agreed to launch this new book for me!

I love book launches, whether those of other writers, but especially my own! A new book may mean new readers of my words, and what poet doesn’t like that, no matter what kind of book they write, poetry, prose, fiction or non-fiction.

This event will begin with a writing workshop, then after lunch my new book, a poetry collection titled ‘Leonard Cohen Is Dead’ will be launched! And after that is done, I am going to be the Guest Poet for the Poetry Reading!

Fun Times!


Busy Times Are Good Times!

I have so much going on right now, in my life as a writer/poet/blogger/editor, I barely know which way to look!

But the prioritisation of the tasks to be done is more or less under control, I think. I may be deluding myself about that, but time will tell, at least I hope so. I know what I will be doing every day, if there is something important I must do, because I use the calendar on my mobile phone, and I always take my phone with me, wherever I am. Except for when I go to bed.

Sleep is an important part of the day, and I value my sleep, so when I go to sleep, my phone does as well, turned off and up the far end of the house from my bedroom. Its cheeps and chirps will NOT wake me up, so I sleep well!

Having, and using that calendar has been a welcome tool to help me keep on track with what I have to do in my life. I also have a diary now, which I am trying to use as well as I the calendar … And a further tool I will be thinking about getting into my box of useful things to use, and that is a five year book for the writing down of important little things. This book has the title of ‘One line a day’, and has the room for five separate one small piece of writing, on every page. It is diary form, but with space for more than just the one year.

So I am to write down my snippet of interest on the relevant day, including the year it comes to my mind. And eventually, I might have a book filled with pith little sayings, that will be of much interest to people interested in such things, when I become famous. Haha!

The most important thing coming up at the moment, that is written about in both the mobile phone, and my diary, is the upcoming launch of my next book! This is exciting news, and I certainly wasn’t going to forget to go to it! But writing it up shows how important it is to me!

The book is my next Poetry Collection, titled ‘Leonard Cohen Is Dead’, and I honestly believe this is my best collection written yet! And today I was at an event in the Civic Centre in Gawler, the town where my writing group meets. I had to be there, for a couple of reasons, because firstly, one of our group members was one of the three presenters, and secondly one of the other presenters is the person who will be launching my book for me, and I wanted to show my solidarity to him, as a sign of respect!

When writers are able to do things like this, it leads to an even stronger connection happening. Being a writer can have the lonely times, with just you and the page/screen, putting down your words in the hope of eventually connecting with readers …

I have to get the next issue of the newsletter I Edit for my town too, and I plan to do a lot of work on that tomorrow, when the house will be mine (and the dog’s too), and all I need to put my mind to will be getting myself coffee as needed, putting out the call for pieces for the Mallala Crossroad Chronicle newsletter, and then heading off to Gawler for the writing group meeting …

I have to do this every month, and while I do enjoy doing this, it is about the only thing I occasionally feel stressed about, when or if I don’t have enough done, and the end of the month is approaching, which is when the Chronicle is due to be printed and then distributed! But I’ve seen for myself that the world doesn’t actually end if the issue doesn’t actually come on for the intended month, but is released in the following month instead.

The fact that it was out of my hands, and there could be no blame laid on me over it helped, but I still felt a bit stressed about it. It felt so wrong for the month to end without the next issue of the Mallala Crossroad Chronicle coming out! It was eventually out though, so that was fine. I hope the May issue is out on time though! So tomorrow, I will do all I can to get the issue almost ready to be sent off to be printed!

And of course, there is that ongoing Cosy Murder Mystery I’m supposed to be writing … I think I’ve done my homework to hand in tomorrow, which relates to the homework given last week, to present at the next group meeting (tomorrow). And I’ve got my next poetry collection to add more poems to … It’s going to be a chapbook this time, rather than a full collection, so that takes off the pressure a bit. And I don’t have a time frame, or due date for that, but I would like to have it ready to be published, by July next year, if I can.

So I’m thinking about that one too, and hope to continue with those thoughts, but there’s no stress for that one, it won’t impact anyone apart from me. So most of this stuff is totally under control, and is exciting, but not stressful, and these are busy times, but good times!


Making The Most Of Things …

Everything that happens to a person can and probably will be judged by them. It’s up to all of us to make the call, is it a good thing, or a bad thing? We decide.

At the moment, I’m healing from the effects of a fall. I’d name that fall as a bad thing, for sure, but it wasn’t my worst ever. i’m still feeling pain as a result of the fall, several days later, but it’s getting better.

And it has given me ideas I may be able to use in my writing, and in fact have been using, in my blogs, and on social media. I’m wondering whether this experience may be used to ‘beef up’ my cosy murder mystery that I began some time ago, adding real life experiences to make it seem more real …

And this quiet time, well, it’s not the worst thing in the world, that’s for sure. Rest and rehabilitation leads to thinking about life, what is important, what isn’t, and what will be the best things to get done, once I’m getting back into a more active life.

And at least this sprained thumb isn’t as difficult to deal with the broken ankle I had at my previous serious fall. I haven’t even had this thumb bandaged up, although that may have been a good idea. It wasn’t spoken of when I was at hospital on the day it happened, but I’ve been thinking it might have been a good thing.

But resting quietly at home for the most part is fine, something I enjoy, looking outside at the sky, and he trees and smaller plants outside, very pleasant! So I honestly can say the results of this fall, while painful, aren’t all bad …

This is the link to my fundraising page here

The biggest part of my fundraising will happen at the event where I will be launching my new Poetry collection “Leonard Cohen Is Dead”, which I hope will be a well accepted new book, because I feel this may be my best book yet!

And even though I may be slowed down at the moment, I’ve still been able to think about what I need to do when I get out and about again. Slower times, can give more opportunity for considered thought, and that’s always a good thing!


May Is A Big Month For Me!

And I mean big in my life in a few different ways, one good, one not so good others possibly good.

The good one, is the most exciting one. That is about having my new poetry collection launched at the end of May! I sent a draft copy of my collection to the person who is going to launch the collection for me, and he wrote:
“Congratulations on your book. Very powerful read.”

That is a good start to a book being popular, I hope. This person, Martin Johnson, is well known in Gawler, as poet, musician, and all round fine community member, and I’m thrilled he accepted my invitation The not so good to launch this poetry collection for me. He also is going to put one of the poems in the column he has in the Bunyip which the local weekly newspaper.

The not so good thing, was probably a bad thing, but there are points to it. I’ll explain. The day before yesterday, I took our dog, Lenny, for a walk. But when we were getting closer to the turn around point, but not quite there, I heard thunder, and a very light rain started. So Lenny and I went home, without reaching my required distance for the day.

So I let Lenny in, then went out the back, to walk the length of our back veranda, up and down, undercover, and out of the rain, which got a bit heavier. I got the steps up, then decided to head back inside. But no, that didn’t happen, instead I fell over, onto my knees, and left hand, and hitting my left temple quite hard on the concrete ground. I must have landed hard on my left thumb, because it was so painful, I was worried I may have broken bones in there, Ouch!

So while extra steps are good for a person, that’s only if the walking isn’t interrupted with falling … This latest fall included an ambulance ride to the Gawler Hospital again and then lots of hanging round …

There was pain too, with a sprained thumb, of all things! A small sprain, but painful, and limiting in terms of being able to do some things. It’s getting better now though, slowly. My face, from where I hit the concrete is looking worse, but that injury is nowhere near as painful as the thumb injury is.

And while I haven’t been doing any more exercise I expect that will happen again soon, by next week anyway. And I have a lot of work to get done for my fundraising activities this month, raising money for the MS Society SA & NT, ‘Wear Red For A Reason’.

I’ve put my box of items for the fundraising that will begin in person tomorrow, and I will order copies of my book for purchase at the book launch later today, so I should get them by next week, in plenty of time for the launch!

I’m happy for some quieter times for a while, but I’ll be able to show off my new book to the members of my writing group tomorrow, as long as I remember to put my new copy of it in the car before I head off to Gawler for the meeting!


What I’m Working On Today …

I’m a writer, which means I write. But a writer, if they want to improve their art.craft, also must live, and learn, about life in the broadest of senses, and also in the most miniature and closely observed sense. They can then bring those closely observed tropes and treasures to the writers’ writing.

So to that end, today, as I’ve been editing the first draft of a poem written yesterday, in the hope of this second draft perhaps being included in my next poetry collection, I’ve been listening to the the Labor Party’s Better Future talks, with many fine words spoken, knowing these speeches were written by fine writers.

I hope such inspiring things may rub off on me, and I may insert such passion into my words. That poem I’m working on, will, I hope be included in the poetry collection I’ve been working on, in an off and on manner, as I created the poetry collection I will be having launched at the end of this month, on 29 May, the collection titled ‘Leonard Cohen Is Dead’, that will be a full sized collection.

The poem I’m working on today, will be in a much smaller collection, a chap book with a ‘clever’ title which I’ll talk about another time, and it contains some interesting poems, about things that interest me. choosing to write about things that interest me, means I can write with more passion, and interest, I hope.

I don’t write about things that are ho hum to me personally, because I can’t feign passion, where there is none. Passion comes from within, when we look deeper into our minds, and follow the lines of ideas, to considerations, to results …

And as I’ve been listening to our probable next PM, I have finished the second draft of that poem, which has the working title of ‘Meanings In Puddles’, and having read it, I feel needs another edit, and then, after draft number three, may become something special. I hope so anyway!


Another thing I’m working on today, is the relationship I have with our new dog, Lenny. He is an adult greyhound, and while I want to love him dearly, the two of us aren’t there yet. So I will be taking Lenny for a walk quite soon, perhaps driving somewhere, to get to the place we’ll be having our walk, because it seems Lenny prefers being driven, over actually walking particularly far …

As a racing greyhound, and the necessary training to be good (which he was, earning stake-money for his owner), well, to be a good racing Greyhound, you have to do the work, which means walking and running to build up strength and better ability.

And me, with my Chronic Illness of Multiple Sclerosis, well, keeping active and mobile means I will be better able to keep on being active and mobile! If I’m going to be standing up and reading my poetry to others, I need to train myself to speak my words, but I also need to be mobile to get to where I will be presenting my work/words!

Body and mind working together, being better at the first, helps me to be better at the second! ***** Something to report on, in relation to that ‘active and mobile’ thing … I’ve had a trip and crashed down to the ground … Ouch!

Not my best look! ‘writer’s photo’

So there’s been a lot more thinking going on the past few days, and not much ‘mobility’ happening. I’ve been writing online, on Medium, and talked about the accident here: so it sure isn’t a good look, but it is nowhere near as painful as my thumb, my left thumb, which was sprained, as talked about in that article on medium

And because I had that fall, and time waiting at the local hospital, I’m feeling disconnected in some part, from what I’d wanted this post to be about, such is life!